Avet Reel Bags

If you have more than one reel, you need an Avet Reel Bag to organize and protect your reels.  As well as having plenty of room to protect your reels during travel or storage, these high quality padded nylon soft-sided cases feature plenty of roomy pockets for storing leaders, tools, manuals…anything you can stuff into them!

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They have movable padded dividers with hook and loop attachments in the main reel cargo area, heavy duty zippered pockets and a wide, comfortable adjustable shoulder strap with quick release buckles.

Made from heavy-duty black nylon, they feature a beautifully detailed color embroidered Avet marlin logo on the front.

Comes with shoulder strap.

Large Avet Reel Case
Measures 22" x 14" x 12" 
5 roomy pockets
Zippered expansion seam for main cargo area
Padded movable dividers to create 10 reel compartments  

Small Avet Reel Case 
Measures 14" x 9" x 8"
4 roomy pockets
Padded movable dividers to create 6 reel compartments


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