Accu-Cull Culling Tag Kits

The Accu-Cull E-Con Culling Tag Kit and Metal Clip Tag Kits are leaders in the industry.  The E-Con culling tags are clipped onto the fish so they are not damaged in any way.  The clips are made of a high strength polymer that won't break under normal conditions.  If you run it over with your truck, you'll have million little pieces of plastic, under normal conditions it is no problem.  

The metal clips are good under any condition, it may even hold up to your truck running it over if you're lucky.  The metal tags are the industry standard and are attached to the fish with ease.  Both come with a handy hanging strap that attaches anywhere with a screw or velcro to keep you organized.

Mounting Bracket with Adhesive

7 floating tags

No tangles


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