Warbaits Slayer Heads

Warbait Slayer Head Jig are deadly on fish!  They feature a unique head shape that allows fishing in heavy cover.  The Mustad UltraPoint heavy wire hooks are built tough so a fish won't straighten them out.  These heads pair great with Kietech Swing Impact Fat's, Big Hammers, or MC Swimbaits.  The exaggerated barbs keep the bait pinned on the head so it won't come off easily.  We also like to put a little Zap-A-Gap glue just before sliding the bait all the way up.  The colors have been made to mimic whatever bait fish you want so matching the hatch is easy.  Tie one on an hold on!

WARBAITS Unique Head Shape for Fishing Heavy Cover
- Mustad UltraPoint Heavy Wire Hook with Spike  
- Gill vents for more Natural Trailer Movement
- StonePro™ Powder Coat Paint
- "Match the Hatch" Colorways 
- PerFlex™ Weed Guard
- 3D bubble eyes
- Premium USA Materials

2 per pack


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