United Composites GUSA Premium Conventional Rods

United Composites GUSA Premium Conventional Rods is changing the game.

United Composites USA has taken the West Coast saltwater fishing rods in a very different direction. In keeping with the foundation of the success of the company, each of the premium rods incorporate the trademarked dual helix design element. However, on top of bringing incredible strength and durability, they have added yet another piece of the puzzle in a flat tow woven carbon reinforcing layer. It brings a level of beauty along with enhanced strength and power to an already extraordinary product.

The GUSA Premium series is the first in company history dating back to the original innovation by Richard Kantner, where up to four different materials are used to create the right actions at incredibly light weights. We believe that Mr. Kantner would be pleased with the creativity and use of a variety of materials to continue on the tradition of leading the industry in innovation. The GUSA Premium is the most advanced, most innovative product to have ever come from the production shop at United Composites

The GUSA Premium Conventional line is also offer, the GUSA Premium Conventional+ configuration. All wraps and guides will remain the same. The primary difference is that the more durable hypalon material is used for the grips and the lightweight graphite reel seat is changed out for the popular ALPS CAH design aluminum reel seat. 


Oversize shipping fee may apply!  Especially with 8' and longer single piece rods. 

All Rods are packaged with extreme care!

Being fisherman ourselves we take pride in not having rods break during shipping, to ensure they'll be enjoyed and fished. We make sure every rod is wrapped tightly with bubble wrap in the crucial areas and are suspended in a thick rod tube, to keep from being crushed or banged around.

GUSA Premium – Conventional

GUSA Premium – Conventional +

Upgraded Hypalon Grips, ALPS Aluminum Centra Lock Reel Seats