Team Davies Tear Shot Tungsten Worm Weights

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Team Davies Tear Shot Tungsten Worm Weights are 99% tungsten and do not have a sleeve inside.  There is a lot of talk about what is better, sleeve or no sleeve.  We prefer no sleeve because the sleeve can cause abrasion on the ends but can also fall out.  When it falls out, it's rougher in the inside than it would have been had it no sleeve at all.  When it starts out with no sleeve, the inside is smooth and usually has a powder paint coating to deter any nicks or damage to your line.  We've had more problems with sleeved weights than non sleeve and Team Davies agrees.  We have never had a complaint for over 4 years and we think these are a great value for a great product.

Some anglers like the sleeve, others prefer it without.  We haven't noticed any difference between the two but maybe on light line it would cause chaffing on the line.


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