Tady Lure 45 Surface Iron

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The Tady 45 Surface Iron is the king of surface irons.  Works great for tuna, yellowtail, calico bass, wahoo, dorado, barracuda, and even white sea bass.  Simply cast it as far as you can and wind it straight back to the boat with a fast retrieve.  

There is no need to impart action into the jig, just point the rod tip at it and wind it back.  You may need to allow it to sink just a little under the surface before you start winding so it catches water.  

We have had it at times where you get bit better if you wind it on the surface, don't let it sink at all.  It may not look like it's swimming right but trust us, if it's a wide open bite they will smash it right on the surface.

 There is no need to put any bait or scent on any Tady jig, it's a reaction and if the bite is on, they will eat it.  Bait can actually impair the action of the jig so it's best just to tie straight to the ring on the jig.  

We prefer throwing irons on 30# or 40# monofilament line in general but the size of the fish being caught, the size of your reel, and the weight of the jig all play a part in deciding what line to use.

The hooks may change depending on the availability at the Tady warehouse.  Don't worry though, they all catch fish and they are all plenty strong.

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