SPRO Baby Shad Swimbait

The Spro Shad is a very realistic swimbait that has multiple actions and techniques to entice predator fish to strike.  It can be brought in slowly, twitched on the surface, or brought back quickly with pauses.  the realistic finish and features makes this bait stand alone.  These smaller brothers of the original Shad can be worked on a single line like a regular lure or get creative and try using a double rig.
BBZ-1 Shad Rate Of Fall Length Weight Hook
Floater Floater 4 9/16" 3/4oz #2 Gamakatsu 2X Strong Treble
Slow Sink 3 inches per second 4 9/16" 7/8oz #2 Gamakatsu 2X Strong Treble
Fast Sink 1 foot per second 4 9/16" 1oz #2 Gamakatsu 2X Strong Treble