Shimano Tranx 500 Baitcast Reel

The Shimano Tranx is in it's own class of fishing reel.  This bad to bone reel has 25 pounds of drag, a super strong levelwind, a comfortable power handle, X-Ship for more torque, and the ability to cast long distances.  This compact powerhouse has two models, the (HG) or high gear which boasts 43 inches per crank at a 6.6:1 ratio.  The (PG) Power Gear is built for increased power with 30 inches per crank at 4.6:1 ratio.  Depending on what you're fishing for will determine which reel is best for you.  

Deep fish on structure where they can break you off, you want the PG.  Throwing lures like irons, Waxwings, or Rapala X-Raps, you want the HG.  Whatever you're fishing for, this bulldozer of a reel will get the job done.  

Tranx 500 specifications

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