Shimano Reel T-Bar Handle Upgrade Kit

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Shimano T-Bar Handle Upgrade fits:

Speedmaster II

    • SPM12II
    • SPM16II

Talica ll

    • TAC12II
    • TAC16II
    • TAC20II
    • TAC25II

This is a handle upgrade for your smaller Shimano reels with the small knob handles. This larger handle is more comfortable and will increase the power of every turn. 

The T-shaped knob has a 9 degree offset to increase grip and torque.  With a 110mm arm length the Shimano T-Bar Handle Upgrade allows for more power while cranking on a fish.  A great upgrade for your jigging setup, making for more comfort and ease while fishing vertically and winching big fish out of the depths. 

When fishing long hours grinding Shimano Flat-Falls, the T-Bar Handle's comfortable grip will help relieve cramping.  When that "cow" tuna does bite, you'll be ready for the long battle.


 (1) T-Bar Handle

 (1) Plastic Spacer

 (1) Metal Cover Plate

 (2) Phillips Screws

All Shimano OEM Parts


  Arm Length: 110mm / 4.33in 

  Handle Length: 102mm / 4.02in

  Handle width: 72mm / 2.83in

  Handle top-side Diameter: 25mm / 0.98in

  Handle bottom-side Diameter: 36mm / 1.42in

  Handle Weight: 7.3oz


First, you must remove the two phillips screws on each side of the 2-speed button. Gently remove the switch cover, small plastic spacer with switch (Leave switch and spring in the plastic spacer, for reverence) and then remove handle.

You will have to transfer the switch and spring from the old plastic washer to the new one. (Look at old one for reference, only goes one way).

Then, Slide handle over the post, followed by the new plastic spacer and switch, then the new cover plate tighten with new longer screw (Blue Loctite 242 recommended).





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