Shimano Coltsniper Sinking Stickbait

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 When fish are breaking the surface or just subsurface, the Shimano Coltsniper Sinking Stickbait is going to be deadly!  This sinking stickbait is perfect for when fish are feeding on the surface and uses superior finishes and stout 3X strong hooks and split rings.  There are several retrieval methods that can be used effectively on many different predator fish.  

Subsurface walk-the-dog is a very effective method and creates the illusion of a fleeing baitfish.  This can be more easily created using a spinning setup like the Shimano Thunnus and Shimano Terez but conventional rods and reels may also be used. Moving the rod tip while winding the reel with short pauses will cuase the bait to move left and right.  It's very important to give the lure some slack after pulling it each time.  If slack isn't given after each pull, the lure will not have the line needed to glide momentarily before you pull it again.  Skipping the lure on the surface is also a technique that can invoke a strike. Cast as far as you can and don't let it sink out.  Wind back the lure as fast as you can so that it skips on the surface.

We are excited to use the Shimano Coltsniper Stickbait on yellowtail, tuna, calico bass and striper here in Southern California.  We are sure it will work for any agressive predator fish you have.  Ideally we would use a 8,000 to 12,000 size Shimano Thunus or Stella spinning reel and an 8' to 9' Shimano Terez or Ocea Plugger spinning rod.  Line class is going to depend on what you are fishing for but 50-80lb Power Pro with a 4-7 foot monofilament or fluorocarbon leader would be ideal.  The leader size will differ but 30-50lb line would be normal range for this type of fishing.  Using a split ring on the nose with a solid ring on the split ring would allow the lure to move correctly.  You can also tie a loop knot of your chose to allow lure movement.  

120mm - 4.7in - 1.13oz

140mm - 5.5in - 1.91oz

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