Shimano Coltsniper Jigs

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The Shimano Coltsniper Jig is an outstanding jig under many circumstances and water conditions.  It can be fished on the surface or deep, vertical or horizontal, and it flat out catches fish.  We like it for it's versatility and color patterns. 

The smaller sizes can be fished for freshwater largemouth bass or striped bass as well as tuna and yellowtail.   If fishing the smaller sizes for larger fish, we recommend changing the hooks and split rings to a stronger grade. 

When fished vertically, cast or drop straight down, let it sink down to the depth you want, then wind it back with or without rod pumps.  For horizontal or surface fishing, make a long cast and retrieve at a steady pace with no rod twitches. 


21g - 3/4oz - 67mm - 2 5/8"

28g - 1oz - 76mm - 3"

35g - 1.23oz - 83mm - 3 1/4"

42g - 1.48oz - 89mm - 3 1/2"

60g - 2.11oz - 95mm - 3 3/4"

80g - 2.82oz - 105mm - 4 1/8"

100g - 3.52oz - 114mm - 4 1/2"

120g - 4.23oz - 127mm - 5"

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