Savage Gear Pulse Tail Baitfish 2+1 LB 4" Swimbaits

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Savage Gear’s Pulse Tail Baitfish LB Swimbait leverages the common predatory instinct of locating prey through vibration and water displacement. Essential to the lifelike performance of each bait is the split rear fin design, which creates a realistic pulse swimming action that replicates the surge exhibited by a fleeing forage fish.
Has a very lifelike profiles, but most impressive is that ultra-limber tail design, which does all the work for you. Hold one of these baits, and it’s immediately clear that the Pulse Tail design moves with minimal action. That means a realistic wiggle even on slower retrieves. Pick up the pace and the bait’s gonna kick like a real fish really running for its life. Motion and water displacement trigger strikes, so Savage Gear’s Pulse Tail series looks like a serious bite maker. Comes with two baits one is pre-rigged ready to catch.

  • 4"
  • 7/8oz
  • 2 per Pack

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