Salas 6X Jr Yo-Yo Jigs

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The Salas 6X Jr. is perfect when you're trying to mimic a mid-sized bait.  The smaller model of the regular Salas 6x, the Jr. is smaller and lighter which makes it fall slower through the water column.  It's also great if the fish aren't in deep water or they are feeding on smaller bait.  Both eyes are welded and it comes with a very strong 3X strong hook.  Sometimes the paint will get in the eye of the jig where the ring passes through.  We suggest that you clean out this eye to increase the action of the bait.  The hook should swing freely and a small piece of single strand 30# AFW Toothproof wire 6" long attached to the front of the jig will cause a different action, try it out.  

You can cast the jig long distances or drop it straight under the boat.  We drop it down to the desired depth, usually the bottom, and retrieve it back as quickly as possible.  30-40lb line is best and a 7 foot rod 20-40lb line rating.  

Qty 1 per package

The paint may differ since they are hand made.  Often times the pain get's chipped in shipping to us, it doesn't change the fish catching ability of the jig.  It's going to chip when it hits the bottom anyway and we have jigs that have little paint left on them that get bit just fine.  If you have questions, feel free to call us.

4.3 oz

4 5/8" (body length)

1" wide

6" (body and hook)

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