Roman Made Mother Chaser Swimbait

The Roman Made Mother Chaser has transformed from a dream to reality!  The Mother Chaser is a very unique beautiful 100% hand-crafted Swimbait for the serious angler.  The concept of the Roman Made Mother was born 15 years ago and has been proven with some giant fish.

With the concept of finding bigger fish, the Roman Made Mother Chaser was born.  Based on the basic performance of a wide glided  action, the self-propelled performance with of a wider glide, added by alternate reeling speeds, is an important factor to attract Monster fish.

This is not your traditional Big Bait, the Roman Made Mother Chaser is in a league of her own at 16 inches and 22 ounces has a drawing power no other bait can compete with.  This creates a completely unexpected reaction from the monster fish in our lakes that is rarely seen. 

Drawing fish out of hiding for a viscous strike, or simply giving the fishes' locations away.  This is a massive bait and requires the right rod, reel and line combination.   The Roman Made Mother Chaser is available to the U.S. in only one color way rainbow trout.

Length: 16"

Weight: 22.29oz / 632g



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