Roboworm 4 1/2" Curly Tail Worms

Roboworm 4 1/2"finesse line up of Curly tail worms are  a must have in your tackle box. Featuring Roboworm's exclusive "salt release technology", these worms offer a subtle, thin curly tail that really draws in the strikes. These worm's feature our hand poured style, triple color pours, in all of our most popular colors. The 5.5" model is textured for added realism. Great for drop shotting, split shotting, darter heads, shakey heads, or a finesse Carolina rig. Made in the U.S.A.

Style: Curly Tail Floating Worm

Size 4 1/2"

Qty: 10 Per Pack

Collections: Freshwater, Worms

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