Power Pro Spectra Braided Line White 300 yards

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Power Pro Spectra Braided Line is a standard on the West Coast of California for both salt and freshwater.  This braid is strong!!  It's also a round braid so it won't cut into itself as easily as some of the competitors.  This ultra thin and limited stretch makes it perfect for solid hook sets and is the ultimate in sensitivity.  

We recommend that you put tape on the spool to make sure it won't slip.  Braided spectra type lines will spin on the spool if no tape is affixed to the spool.  We use Flexx-Rap tape but double sided tape or other sticky tapes will also work. Make sure you wrap the line 2-3 times around the spool first and then tie a uni knot or San Diego Knot.  Push the knot with your fingers as you tighten so the knot is tight to the spool.

300 yards

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