Picasso Shock Blade Vibrating Jig

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The Picasso Shock Blade chatter bait is made to bring you the very best in innovation and technology. The design creates a lot of thumping vibration and hunting action even when reeled at a very slow retrieve. The blade creates a very tight/quick action and vibration that can be "Burned" or "Ripped". Picasso's design helps to keep the lure down and in the strike zone longer without rising which other bladed swim jigs on the market do. Constructed around their popular Smart Mouth Plus jig head with its concave belly that gives an added “wobble” action that fish can’t resist. Equipped with a double bait keeper, one on the collar and a wire barb on the hook shaft prevents slippage and will keep your soft plastic secure cast after cast. The black blade creates a subtle flash that will produce strikes in all types of water clarity and light conditions. Comes equipped with a super sharp 3X Strong Mustad Ultra Point hook that assures good hook penetration that will not open on the set and can handle big fish. Made in the USA.
“I love vibrating jigs and the Shock Blade by Picasso is an excellent product. It's made in the USA and their unique, patent-pending design restricts the movement of the blade, which creates great vibration while allowing the lure to stay down in the strike zone without getting any lift.” - Aaron Martens, Elite Series pro.
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