Phenix M1 Inshore Rods

The Phenix M1 Inshore Series Rods feature the latest in nano tube technology. These rods feature increased sensitivity and more lifting power while keeping with their dynamic design. If it's fishing stubborn Calico bass in the thickest kelp, or pulling on mid summer pelagic's, M1 Inshore Series gives you the ideal balance and power to handle the variety of challenges. Rods feature extended fore grip handles, much desired addition for inshore anglers.

Phenix Rods listened to their customers with the M1 inshore rods by extending the foregrip, it's been a huge success among our customers. Constructed with premium components including Fuji O-Ring guides, custom high density EVA split grip handle and Phenix own split reel seat - the M1 Inshore Casting Rods offer an incredible value for a quality rod. These rods are very lightweight, and extremely powerful.

  • Fuji's new O-ring guides
  • Custom high density EVA split grip handle
  • Phenix's own split reel seat
  • Light weight design

9' Rods can no longer be shipped due to the extremely high cost.  

Model Length Line Rating Lure Weight Pieces Taper Action
SMX-73MH 7'3" 15-35 2-6oz 1 Extra Fast
SMX-77MH 7'7" 15-35 2-6oz 1 Extra Fast
SMX-77ML 7'7" 10-25 1-3oz 1 Fast
SMX-79H 7'9" 20-45 3-8oz 1 Extra Fast
SMX-711ML 7'11" 10-25 1-3oz 1 Fast
SMX-711MH 7'11" 15-35 2-6oz 1 Extra Fast
SMX-82H 8'2" 20-45 3-8oz 1 Extra Fast
SMX-82MH 8'2" 15-35 2-6oz 1 Extra Fast
SMX-82ML 8'2" 10-25 1-3oz 1 Fast
SMX-90H 9'0" 15-40 3-8oz 1 Fast
SMX-90M 9'0" 12-30 2-6oz 1 Fast

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