Owner Phantom Tube Hooks

Owner Phantom Tube Hook™ features a unique weighted system designed specifically for rigging tube and hollow baits weedless. Unlike rigs where weights are positioned along the shank of the hook, this hook allows for the placing of the weight "inside" the bait. When a bass strikes, it feels only the soft, natural texture of the tube, so it is less likely to drop the bait. Properly rigged, the Tube Hook is completely weedless. Additional features include a 45° eye bend, short shank, huge wide bite, Cutting Point®, and black chrome finish.

Tube Hook with internal weight 4 hooks per pkg.
Owner tube hook features flexible inside weights,weedless rigging,cutting point, and horizontal fall. Cutting point hooks from Owner feature a patented "T" shape triple edged blade led by a needle sharp point. As point begins to penetrate the three cutting edges slice there way through the toughest cartilage,scales and jawbone for a positive, effortless hook set.

Collections: Freshwater, Single Hooks