Owner Aki Twist Bait Hooks

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Owner Aki Twist Bait Hooks are the standard when it comes to fishing squid in Southern California.  The long shank, offset point, and heavy gauge wire make this a big game hook that stands up to tough conditions.  For a full size squid not cut, we follow Brandon Haywards recommendation of a 7/0.  Thread the hook through the squid 2-3 times and put it on a dropper loop or glow slider.  We like to put the hook 3 feet from the weight on the dropper loop.   For the glow sinker, let it slide all the way down to the hook.  We often use 1/4oz, 3/8oz, and 1/2oz sliders for white seabass and yellowtail.  Try using the Billfishes Combi swivel for added security and bait action.  This unique swivel allows the bait to move 360 degrees around your main line.

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