One Cool Tuna OCT-4 Surface Iron Jigs

The New OCT-4 Jigs same action and reaction from the fish as the proven OCT-10 in a smaller profile. They are 100% CNC machined from solid billet aluminum. This means that each jig is exactly the same within 3000th of an inch. Because of this, each jig swims perfectly! No more searching the jig wall and hoping that the jig you picked actually swims. OCT Jigs feature a textured body that creates more drag in the water for a better swim. All of the jigs are either powder coated or anodized for long lasting finishes.

Size difference between OCT-10 and OCT-4:


OCT Jigs are higher in price due to their high quality components. That being said, one could spend $40 on comparable jigs and not have one that swims right. Every OCT Jig is guaranteed to swim perfectly!

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