Megabass Vision ONETEN 110 Jerkbait

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There is perhaps no other jerkbait that is more coveted than the Megabass Vision OneTen.  The tungsten weights increase casting distance and allow for a more slender bait, reducing drag in the water when retrieved.  

The Katsuage hooks that come stock on the Vision 110 are light wire for easy penetration correct balance.  Megabass intends this bait to be fished on light line, preferably 6 to 10lb pound test.  Using light line allows the bait to reach its optimal swimming depth of four to six feet, but also enables the bait to move more freely in the water.  Retrieved properly, the Vision 110 not only darts from side to side but it does so in an arching fashion shooting up, and then back down as you jerk your rod tip.  Additionally, as the bait is being pulled in the water it moves sideways from top to bottom giving off a color and flash, but it also has a rear movement from side to side.  Heavier line and hooks have the potential to impede action taking the bait out of its factory tuned equilibrium.


Megabass Length Weigh Depth Class
Ito Vision 110 4-1/3" 1/2oz 4-6ft Slow Floating

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