Madness Balam 245 Swimbait

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Complementing the popular 300 size, Satan Shimada from Madness Japan has now released the downsized version measuring 245 mm long.

The Madness Balam 245 and 300 are giant baits with “three superpowers”, a great action at high speeds, complete stillness when dead-sticking and a perfect bait to utilize the “Eight-Trap Method.”

The ultra-high-speed retrieve, which was unprecedented in most big baits, is possible with a multi-joint body, and stable swimming even with fast retrieves.

The fast retrieve is key to trigger reactions around structure. The tight, ultra-high pitch sound from the segments make it appeal to bass even more.

When dead-sticking the bait, the silicon tail and natural look make it look like an easy meal for a big bass.

The “Eigth-Trap Method” can turn followers into biters. This final move is a way to fool big bass that are right next to the boat.

SIZE 245 mm

WEIGHT 3.7oz class






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