Lucky Craft Super Sammy 126

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The Lucky Craft Super Sammy 126 was designed to meet the needs of Lucky Craft’s pro staff team and continues the legacy of the Sammy topwater bait and offers a totally new presentation on the surface. Built with a cylindrically shaped body, the Lucky Craft Super Sammy 126 features a precise weighting system that allows it to sit perfectly horizontal on the surface even when paused, which gives anglers a wider and more methodical walk-the-dog action. Lucky Craft also turned the hook hangers sideways to reduce drag in the water and create an effortless walking action. To improve sound and casting distance, the Lucky Craft Super Sammy 126’s internal weighting system features a large one knocker in the rear of the bait, which creates a hard knocking rattling sound and allows it to fly through the air like a bullet.

  • Length: 5"(126mm)
  • Weight: 1oz(28.0g)
  • Depth: Surface
  • Type: Floating
  • Hook Size: VMC #3, #3, #3

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