Lucky Craft Pointer 65DD Deep Diver SP Jerkbait

The POINTER DD has been designed with a very low center of gravity through the use of special brass weights. The low center of balance causes the lure to wobble and vibrate whenever the retrieving motion is stopped. The POINTER will suspend 7 -8 feet deep and will emit an intriguing bass-calling vibration, while in the suspended state. A short twitch of the fishing rod will generate the "Walk the Dog" action under the water. 

"DD equals Deep Diver" Listen up all you Pointer fans. Lucky Craft now has another new Pointer minnow to add to their repertoire. The new Pointer 65 DD is a shorter and deeper diving version of the popular Pointer 100 SP. The Pointer 65 DD is perfect when fishing is tough or when the fish just want a smaller bait. This new Pointer is a great bait for fishing a few feet deeper than the original Pointer 65. This bait will dive about 5-7 feet deep and suspend when paused. It has a wider wobble than the Pointer 65 and still has the same body style. This bait can be used as a larger profile bait in lieu of the Staysee Series. When the fish are holding out a little deeper this bait will get in their face and aggravate them to strike.



Collections: Freshwater, Jerkbait

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