Lucky Craft Pointer 78DD Deep Diving Jerkbait

The Lucky Craft Pointer 78DD Deep Diving Jerkbait has been designed with a very low center of gravity using internal brass weights.  This causes the lure to wobble and vibrate when the retrieve is stopped.  This key feature is what causes fish to bite, most of the time at the head of the bait.  

The diving depth is 7-8 feet and will suspend at that depth.  This is perfect for suspended fish that are looking for an easy meal.  A short twitch of the rod will create a walk the dog action underwater.  This jerkbait is perfect for wearing fish that suspended and are lethargic due to cold water.

We throw it with a spinning outfit on 6-8lb fluorocarbon line.  It's best with the whole spool of fluorocarbon because it is heavier than other lines.  If you have braid and fluorocarbon, the braid will float causing the lure to not reach maximum depth.

3" long


Depth 7-8 feet


Collections: Freshwater, Jerkbait