JRI Custom Lures DW-1 Yo-Yo Iron Jigs

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JRI Custom Lures DW-1 Yo-Yo Iron Jigs the same body profile as JRI's Danny Wade surface iron just made out of Zinc making it a deadly Yo-Yo iron. Not as heavy as a brass jig, but there is just something about the DW-1 that just gets bit. Can not get caught sleeping on this jig definitely one that's notorious for getting picked up on the fall. The zinc gives this jig a very unique flutter action that the Yellowtail just can not resist. 

Length: 6"

weight: 6.6oz



The paint may differ slightly since they are hand made.  Often times the pain get's chipped in shipping to us, being shipped in bulk. It doesn't change the fish catching ability of the jig.  It's going to chip when it hits the bottom and get all scratched up on the fight back to the boat. We have jigs that have little to no paint left on them that get bit just fine if not better.  If you have questions, feel free to call us.

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