Jackall Pompadour JR.

The Jackall Pompadour Jr. is finally here!  We think this new size is perfect for fish that aren't willing to attack the bigger original Jackall Pompadour.

The Jackall Pompadour Jr features two unique metal wings that, upon casting, tuck away tight to the body for those long casts. Once the lure hits the water and you begin the retrieve, the metal wings open up creating a very unique wobble and a huge wake.

On the rear of the bait there is a pivoting propeller that slides back and forth creating a deep gurgling sound and leaving a tantalizing trail of bubbles. This, combined with the metal wings and the bulky body of the bait means that this lure displaces A LOT of water and will call fish up from even the deepest depths.



2.36 inches


Collections: Freshwater, Topwater

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