Izorline Rod Belts and Harness

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The Izorline Rod Belt with Gimball is designed with local tuna in mind.  We find that the added padding is very comfortable but not bulky.  The stitching is heavy duty and all the materials are made to stand up to the harshest fishing environments.  Some have the gimbal pin and some don't but the picture shows which is which.  

Some ask why wouldn't you want the gimbal pin.  The answer is that you have more freedom of movement without the pin but on bigger fish, the pin acts like a fulcrum point and makes pumping the rod easier.  If you use the gimbal pin, make sure your rod has a gimbal on the butt.

The Izorline Kidney Harness stand-up style harness with nylon webbing, quick release straps, and insulated cushioning. Comes in a medium width or a wide width for maximum pulling power and comfort. Made with "D" rings for drop straps.

Prop 65

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