Izorline Heavy Duty 4 Position Crimper

The Izorline Heavy Duty Crimper is ideal for crimping Aluminum mono crimps. It also features a side-cutter for cutting mono and wire. There are 4 positions for all of your crimping needs.  We like this crimper because it's well made and has the necessary slots for most crimps up 400lb line.

Slot 1 = .1mm to .5mm (10-25lb mono or fluorocarbon)

Slot 2 = .5mm to 1.0mm (30-80lb mono or fluorocarbon)

Slot 3 = 1.0mm to 2.0mm (100-300lb mono or fluorocarbon)

Slot 4 = 2.2 mm (400lb mono or fluorocarbon)

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Izorline Heavy Duty Crimper
Izorline Heavy Duty Crimper

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