Izorline First String Clear Wind-On Top Shots

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Izorline First String Clear Wind-On Top Shots are the fastest, Stronest, and easiest way to connect Spectre/Braid to Mono. There is a small learning curve to fishing Wind-On Top Shots, the Izorline First String Clear Wind-On Top Shots have a spectra loop on the end so you're going to need to serve a loop in your hollow core spectra to make the loop to loop connection and if you do not have hollow core then, you'd have to tie a Bimini twist loop in the end of your solid spectra to make the right connection. A Wind-On Top Shot is one of the most in-line connections from braid to mono making it virtually silent and smooth going through the guides on the rod. Also a Loop to Loop connection is the strongest connection for spectra to mono

Standard Top-Shot sizes:
25                        50yds or 125yds
30                        50yds or 125yds
40                        50yds or 125yds
50                        50yds or 125yds
60                        50yds or 125yds
80                        50yds or 125yds
100                      50yds or 125yds
135                      50yds or 100yds
150                      50yds or 100yds
200                      25yds or 50YDS or 100yds
250                      N/A
300                     25yds or 50yds
400                     25yds or 50yds


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