Ima Beast Hunter Crankbaits

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Designed specifically to come through grass, without hanging up or losing effectiveness, the Beast Hunter coordinates the size of the lure’s body and thickness of its sides with the length and width of the lip. On 14-pound fluorocarbon it dominates the 10 to 13 foot range. With a very natural wobble – not too wide, not too tight – a subdued knocking sound not to turn off spooky bass, the Beast Hunter is a power bait that doesn’t overpower the situation.

Its design incorporates a small fixed weight inside, which maximizes diving depth while preventing the lure from tumbling and getting fouled on the cast. The sidewalls are 2.0mm thick which distributes the overall weight proportionately throughout the body enabling it to stop quicker as it doesn’t glide forward. The diving angle is also tuned so when you come in contact with the weeds, softly lift up on the rod.
The Beast Hunter will back slide and glide right over the vegetation. Every aspect of this lure is made to maximize performance.


LENGTH: 67 mm, 2.64 inches
WEIGHT: 23 g, ¾ oz.
DEPTH: 10-13 feet (on 14 lb. fluorocarbon)
CLASS: Mid-range Crankbait

Collections: Crankbaits, Freshwater

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