Hot Sauce Gel Fish Attractant

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A unique thick gel attractant that goes much further that just covering up unnatural plastic or human odors. "HOT SAUCE GEL"(tm) actually has the taste and flavor of "MAGNUM BAITFISH"(tm) formula, which literally turns your artificial lure into the real thing. Add to it the fact that "HOT SAUCE GEL" applied to any lure virtually imitates the slime coat which all baitfish have lubricating the bait/lure to protect the soft plastic bait. Outstanding catches of largemouth bass of 17lbs. 9oz., 17lbs. 14oz., and 18lbs. 4oz., and the largest caught by Mike Long in Southern California a 20lbs. 12oz. largemouth were all caught on soft plastic lures smothered in "HOT SAUCE GEL". There have been hundreds of bass over 10lbs. and 1000's of tournament podium finishes accredited to the use of "HOT SAUCE GEL" brand fish attractant. One of the best features of the "HOT SAUCE GEL" is that it is non-species specific. The days of carrying around 6 different scents for 6 different situations are over. In one bottle of "HOT SAUCE GEL" is the key to Bass, Walleye, Halibut, Speckled Trout and Redfish. Proven effective in both freshwater & saltwater, fish love the smell, but one taste and they're hooked.