Deps Wakasagi Bait Finesse Lipless Minnow

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Deps Wakasagi Bait Finesse Lipless Minnow made and designed in Japan giving them their unique quality and performance.  The Deps Wakasagi Bait is the perfect imitation for the small 2” - 3” baitfish we find these bigger Bass gorging on certain times of the season.  With a complementing action to perfectly mimic a fleeing baitfish near the surface or just the subsurface bait cruising just below.  The Deps Wakasagi Bait Finesse Minnow sleek design is made to reduce the drag on the water creating a more free sharp darting and skating action.  The unique tinsel tail not only acts as an interactant with the flash it also acts as a stabilizer by suppressing unnatural and unwanted movement.  On a slow content retrieve the Wakasagi Bait will produce a small V wake, funneling the fish right to the hook.  With a slight twitch of the rod tip will incorporate an erratic fleeing action.  Also very deadly on the dead stick technique with a little chop on the water imitating an injured dying piece of bait.  The Deps Wakasagi Bait has an extremely sharp treble attached to a swiveling hook hanger maximizing your fish landing ratio.  These baits come in two models: Floating and Sinking.


Floating Model

Length: 65mm/2.5in Body

Weight: 3.5g/ 1/8oz


Sinking Model

Length: 65mm/2.5in Body

Weight: 4.3g/ 1/7oz