Cork Puppy Reel Clamps

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The Cork Puppy Reel Clamps are designed to cater our west coast fishery being the use of longer rods with deck hand style grips, that have no reel seats are very common for jig fisherman and those looking for long casts. The deckhand rods allow the fisherman to mount the reel using a rod clamp in a more custom, more comfortable and balanced position, again aiding in longer casts. One drawback of this type of handle/grip is that the reel clamp tends to dig into the cork over time. Applying that clamp's pressure over a larger area reduces the grind on the cork and allows for a more secure mount. The Cork Puppy solves the mounting problem quite well. They fit the majority of rods, and reels made. If your intent is to mount a reel (that has a rod clamp) to a deckhand rod, this product just might be a necessity. There are three sizes, measured by the rod's diameter in the area you intend to mount the reel. It's made of machined 6061-T6 aluminum with type II anodizing.

Sizes: 25mm, 28mm, 31mm

Colors: Silver, Gold, Black 


  • Locks reel in place
  • Won't twist or turn
  • Wont crush blank
  • Low profile for comfort 


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