Big Hammer Sledge Hammer 9" Swimbaits

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The Big Hammer Sledge Hammer is 9 inches of fish killing plastic (please don't kill them.)  This has been a calico catching machine for us at the islands off Southern California for years and it's swimming action and durability make it a seek and destroy mission for big fish.  It's also great for Ling Cod, stripers, largemouth, pike and muskie.  Let us know what fish you catch with it and we'll expand our list of targeted species.  Match it up with a War Bait Slayer Head and the fish don't have a chance.

In 2020, the color Toast was changed to Toasted.  The difference between the two is Toasted has a black tail.  We think it's a great change to the color making it an even more effective bait.

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