Big Hammer 6 1/2" Swimbaits

The 6½ inch Big Hammer™ swimbait is the second largest size in the Big Hammer™ line-up.  In the saltwater scene it is a very popular bait among calico and striped bass anglers.  In the West Coast freshwater scene it is used quite often in the trout colors for big largemouth bass and landlocked striped bass.  The 6½" Hammer is also a favorite among pike and musky anglers in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

In 2020, the color Toast was changed to Toasted.  The difference between the two is Toasted has a black tail.  We think it's a great change to the color making it an even more effective bait.

Jig Heads: The 6½" Hammer works well with all sizes of Hammer Heads™ from 3/4 oz. to 1.5 oz. with a 5/0 hook.

Collections: Freshwater, Small Swimbaits

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