Baitsanity Antidote 7 Glide Swimbaits

The Baitsanity Antidote 7 Glide Baits appeared on the swimbait scene just a few years ago with their Explorer Series swimbaits, starting with their Trout and Carp Explorers. These custom baits quickly found a home in the hands of big bait anglers looking for a full sized glide bait option that wasn’t as expensive as JDM imports like the Deps Slide Swimmer or Roman Made Negotiator. Their first bait was a hit and over the seasons the company has continued to refine the Explorer, improving on the original’s soft tail design, and introducing a number of new patterns that make it even more of a viable option for targeting species beyond largemouth bass. While the Explorer continues to be the Baitsanity flagship product the company knew that in order to expand they needed to provide a more aggressively priced swimbait offering, a glide bait for mainstream anglers.

That swimbait is the Baitsanity Antidote, a Glide Bait that is crafted with an ABS Resin body for increased durability. The Antidote Glide Swimbait has a highly detailed air brushed paint job along with a single joint construction, with allows the Antidote Glide to swim Side-To-Side with a seductive “S” action that trophy sized bass can’t resist.

We've fished this bait several times and we're very impressed with the versatility.  On a slow wind, the bait will stay just under the water's surface creating a wake behind the bait.  We've found that this in often times what creates a strike.  A slow steady retrieve without popping the rod has been the most productive.   

Twitches of the reel handle will make the bait have a lot of action but not a lot of forward progress.  This is key for keeping the bait in the strike zone longer, especially when fishing tight to the bank. 

If you turn the reel handle quickly a few times with a pumping action, the bait will dive to about 2-3 feet and stay there on a slow steady retrieve. 

The summer before the weeds grow too thick, the bait should be incredible.  Due to it's ability to stay in the first 6 inches of the water column, fishing this over grass or stickups makes this bait very unique.  

Weight: 2.7 oz

Size: 7.5 in

Action: Glide

Versions: Slow Sink & Super Slow Sink