Zappu Wicked Ball Treble Hook Weights

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Zappu Wicked Ball is wicked killer on crankbaits and jerbaits.  The Japanese terminal tackle company that introduced the Jig Head Wacky technique to U.S. Anglers several years ago has once again demonstrated why it is a leader in new techniques and lure technology. Zappu has INVENTED a product that will add value and increase the use of your existing lures.

This tungsten tail weight is named AbareDamah in Japanese, which can be directly translated as gwicked ball.  When attached to the treble hook of your favorite lure the weight not only increases casting distance, but it also affects the lurefs action, causing it to change path. Additionally, it alters the wobble cadence and allows the bait to randomly kick out, just like your favorite handmade bait with a one-of-a-kind action.

It is offered in four sizes:




2.2 g

Quantity 2 per pack

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