Z Man Pop Shadz

The Z Man Pop Shadz offer a unique, hybrid design that is half popper and half swimbait. Unlike anything else on the market, the Z Man Pop Shadz are poured using the super-durable, super-buoyant ElaZtech plastic, which allows it to be fished along the surface like a popper, even with a heavy gauge hook. The Z Man Pop Shadz features a hook pockets along the back and the bottom that make it incredibly weedless and eliminate hook tangles. For added attraction, the cupped mouth generates a strong water spray and a hard-slapping acoustic that bass won’t be able to ignore. Available in a number of tournament-winning colors, the Z Man Pop Shadz are truly original, blending two different bait categories into one very impressive package.

Do not mix ElaZtech baits with standard soft plastics. 


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