Yamamoto 5" Sanshouo

Yamamoto set out with a goal to produce a bait that wasn’t just another copy of any existing style, and they succeeded with the Yamamoto Sanshouo.  They wanted a product that would excel throughout the water column, and could be flipped, pitched, punched, Carolina-rigged, Texas-rigged, used for a jig trailer, or used on a swing head, and also produces heavy-duty action on its own. 

Fashioned to resemble a waterdog, sculpin, goby, or bluegill, it offers a distinct profile that fish don’t see very often and produces a heavy-duty action all its own.  It works well in any water clarity, under a variety of conditions, and does equally well from Lake Erie to the heavy mats of Lake Okeechobee. Available in a wide range of Yamamoto’s proven fish-catching colors, the Sanshouo is another classic bait in the making.

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