Williamson Roll-Up Lure Bag

The Williamson Roll-Up Lure Bag is made of high quality nylon, mesh and clear plastic.  This lure wrap holds your larger lures perfectly organized without tangles or mess.  The screen mesh allows the water to drain out so the lures don't rust and the heavy duty velcro keeps everything wrapped up tight and secure.  If you're worried about scratching up your lures as they rub together in a box, this is the perfect solution.  Each compartment is separated to keep them from being scratched or  damaged by other baits.  The handles are perfect for transporting it.  

Specifications When Rolled Out:

MEDIUM 16" x 44" / 41cm x 111cm 9"-12" Lures
SMALL 12" x 33" / 31cm x 84cm 6"-9" Lures

Collections: Lure Storage, Saltwater