Trophy Bass Baits SGT Swimbait

Trophy Bass Baits is innovative in their design and has created a soft glide trout style bait.  Much like the Dep's Slideswimmer 250, the Soft Glide Trout (SGT), has a wide glide action making an "S" pattern in the water.  

It's crafted with a hard foam core and harness that keep this swimbait durable and will hold up to some of the biggest fish.  The outer skin of the fish is soft and completely silent as it moves through the water.  

There is a kevlar band that runs through the entire bait so tearing at the joint is near impossible.  The wire harnesses are attached in each section to themselves and through the foam core, making it very strong.

Do not alter or cut the harness wires, they are part of the structure of the bait and may result in lost fish or lure failure.

The two side fins keel the bait so that it runs true using several different retrieves.  The array of color patterns are expertly painted by hand in Southern California.  This 100% USA made bait has no smell to it which can deter predator fish.  We can't even smell the paint or clear coat.

We find this bait fishes best on a slow steady retrieve but small twitches of the handle or rod tip will make it dart to the left and right.  Our preference is a size 1 or 1/0 treble hook and size 5 or 6 size split rings.  We also add a split ring to the nose for added action.  

There is a lot of thought into this lure and we have a place in the arsenal given the multiple hook hanging points, stealthy approach, and nice glide action.  Tie one on, we don't think you'll be disappointed.  

Weight: 5.4 ounces

Length: 9 inches

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