Toray BAWO Super Hard Finesse 100% Fluorocarbon

When it comes to light line finesse presentations, Toray BAWO Super Hard Finesse 100% Fluorocarbon is where the conversation stops. There has never been a line developed for finesse fishing that offers the same sensitivity, near-invisibility, ease of handling, and deceptive strength as the Finesse. Designed and tested on the ultra-pressured waters of Japan, it is superior to all other fluorocarbons when fishing light line presentations.

  • Ideal For: Drop-shots, Shakey Heads, Flick-shake, Light Tubes, Split Shots, Slider Heads, Panfishing, Trout Fishing, Ice Fishing
  • 100% Fluorocarbon Line
  • Virtually transparent in water
  • High level of balance
  • Maintains exceptional strength while offering the angler remarkable sensitivity
  • Tournament line, good for clear, open water
  • Also recommended for trout fishing and drop shotting
  • Parallel Winding

2lb - 0.122mm, 3lb - 0.156mm, 4lb - 0.156mm, 5lb - 0.198mm

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