Tady Lure A2 Iron

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The Tady A2 is a very versatile jig that can be worked vertically, horizontally, or in a yoyo action.  The A2 is more squared off than the Tady AA and is slightly heavier.  Verticle: To work it vertically, cast it or drop it straight under the boat.  Let it sink to the desired depth which could range from a few feet to several dozen feet.  Put the reel in gear and wind it back with a fast retrieve.  Horizontal:  Cast it as far as possible and let it sink for a second or two and wind it straight back to the boat with a  fast retrieve.  YoYo:  Cast it or drop it straight under the boat, let it sink to the desired depth, and one line is taught and the reel is in gear, drop the rod tip and then lift the rod tip 3-4 feet.  Drop the rod tip again and repeat without winding the reel.  After a few minutes if you're not already bit, wind it up a few cranks and repeat.  

There is no need to put any bait or scent on most Tady jigs, it's a reaction and if the bite is on, they will eat it.  Bait can actually impair the action of the jig so it's best just to tie straight to the ring on the iron.  We prefer throwing irons on 30# or 40# line in general but the size of the fish being caught, the size of your reel, and the weight of the jig all play a part in deciding what line to use.

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