SPRO BBZ-1 Saltwater Hard Body Swimbait 6 inch Slow Sinking

 Length Weight Style
6" (15 cm) 2.25 oz. (64 g) Saltwater/Slow Sinking

The Bill Siemantel Signature BBZ-1 Swimbait is the most realistic swimbait on the market today. This bait does things that no other swimbait does.

There is nothing currently on the market that will compare to action, color and quality of the BBZ-1. The BBZ-1 is available in a floating, a slow sinking and a fast fall swimbait.

Available in several colors to match natural forage of most game fish.Don't just throw the BBZ1 and retrieve it at a slow rate. Bill Siemantel says to make a "directional change" to trigger bites.

Try giving the BBZ1 a quick jerk before beginning your retrieve and make one or two additional quick jerks in the middle and the end of your cast to entice followers to strike. These quick jerks will make the BBZ1 turn 180 degrees!

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