Shimano Waxwing Size 68

The Shimano Waxwing 68 is a revolutionary lure that uses two wings, one on the top and one on the bottom, to create an incredible and erratic swimming action.  The lure, on a straight retrieve, will kick shallow to one side, then shallow to the other side, and then a wide kick.  This pattern repeats itself which creates strikes due to the non-uniform pattern.  Predatory fish pick up on this action and hit it with a vengeance!

The Waxwing comes in 5 sizes, the 6888118138 and the jumbo 168.  They feature 4X strong tin hooks, heavy duty wire through construction, and a durable paint finish to stand up to those toothy beasts.  

We recommend braided line depending on the size of the lure and the fish you are fishing for. It's best working in on a straight wind and point the rod tip at the lure as it's swimming through the water.  The smaller the lure, the slower you need to wind it.  We find it works better if a split ring or snap is applied to the tie point, it get's a wider swing to each kick and it's a pivot point not he fish so it's more difficult for the fish to throw the bait.  

All of the sizes come with a double hook except for the 168 which comes with a large tuna style hook.  The double hooks can be removed if you want and swapped out with a treble or single hook of your choice.  We recommend weighing your hook on a scale to make sure it's close to the same weight as the hook you removed, but we realize that may be hard to do.

Shimano Waxwing Size 68


1/2 oz


Swimming depth 0 - .5'