Shimano Waxwing Size 168 Saltwater

The latest addition of the Waxwing Saltwater series is 168mm Daddy. The Waxwing Daddy can either cast or troll and perform the best together with the new Terez rod, new Tranx reel and PowerPro Vermilion Red. Calico bass over the kelp or Wahoo from the Long Range boat, simply cast the Waxwing and point your rod tip straight towards the jig, then start reeling. You will be amazed to see the action of the

Waxwing that fish can’t wait to attack. Patented unique upper and lower wing design swims like no other lure in the market. Aerodynamic design outcasts any other lure at the same weight class.  This is 

the only size that comes with a large 4X strong tuna style singe hook.  All other Shimano Waxwings come with a double hook.

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