Shimano Tallus Rods

Constructed of Shimano's TC4 blanks, the Shimano Tallus Blue Water rods give fishermen and women a lighter and more powerful rod at manageable sizes and affordable prices. Each rod in the series was designed to be suitable with PowerPro braid to provide incredible pulling power and comfort. The Tallus Blue Water rods utilize Fuji aluminum oxide guides which resist rusting and prove quite durable. Shimano's own custom reel seat and an EVA grip finish out the rod's components. We carry seven models of the Shimano Tallus Blue Water Rods including 2 Spinning and 5 Conventional, please refer to the technical specs tab for more detailed information on each. Below we've outlined each rod and its ideal use.

Tallus Blue Water Rod Features:

  • Fuji Aluminum Oxide Guides
  • Tip + 8-10 guides
  • Shimano Reel Seat
  • EVA Grip Material
  • Actions for fishing PowerPro Fuji Guides
  • Available in Brown and Blue

Tallus Rod Uses:

    • 72MBBL:Long Left Rigger, Long Left Rigger, the best words you can here when trolling for Sails. This rod was designed for the Drop Back. This rod is longer to help you put your hooked bait into the proper spot in your trolling pattern. 
    • 72MHBBL:This is a heavier Sailfish Rod that can double as your Bucktail Jig rod for your bottom species. Once bit tuck this rod under your arm for extreme pressure on the fish and less pressure on you. 
  • 70MBBL:Put a Talica 8 or one of the smaller Trinidad’s packed with 40lb Power Pro with a short 20lb top shot and you will have the lightest most powerful 20lb outfit you have ever fished. 
  • 70MHBBL:Trinidad 14 or Talica 10 filled with 50lb PowerPro and topped with 30lb Flourocarbon will make out to be the perfect 30lb rig. This rod has pulling power like nothing ever built and is the most comfortable 30lb rod you will ever fish with. 
  • 80MLBBL:Designed to fish either 30lb or 40lb PowerPro with a short Top Shot of 20lb Flourocarbon while casting your smaller baits like Anchovies, Pilchards, or Smaller Sardines.
  • 80MBBL:Designed to fish either 30lb or 40lb PowerPro with a short Top Shot of 30lb Flourocarbon while casting regular sized Sardines or other live baits of that size. 
  • 80MHMBL:This rod was built to Fish either 50lb to 65lb PowerPro with a short Top Shot of 40lb Flourocarbon while fishing with a Sardine or a sliding sinker squid rig.

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