Shimano Stradic HGFK Spinning Reel

The new Stradic FK utilizes Shimano’s latest technology while drawing on ways of the past. We are big fans of Hagane cold forged drive gear gear combined with X-Ship provides a smooth, powerful and durable reel. Hagane is important because it makes for a much stronger smoother reel with more power than ever before.  The sleek G-Free body provides a better weight balance to reduce fatigue. Every part has been designed to improve the anglers experience on the water.  

The 4000 and 5000 models are XG instead of HG because they are lower gears.  The HG or High Gear has less power but a faster ratio.  When you get into the bigger sizes, the need for more power and less speed becomes important because the fish tend to be bigger.  


-Hagane Gear

-Hagane Body

-Super Stoper II
-S A-RB Bearings
-CF Aluminum Cold Forged Spool
-Fluidrive II
-Power Roller II
-Propulsion Line Management System

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